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(Bill Henderson has written more than 50 op-eds on the science, politics and hopeful mitigation of runaway climate change over the past 10 years.)

Building Climate Change Consensus: Mann Vs McIntyre, For Example
This essay is about how a science-process, controlled-access climate change wiki would work. Hopefully, my description will be both interesting technically and falsifyable.
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Climate Change Denial - Scrabble
These are but two examples of how the Internet can bring new utility to or enhance utilization of existing processes. Innovatively transferring the peer review and publication part of the science process from the print medium to the Net promises a way to speed up and focus the peer review process while greatly improving transparency.
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Climate Change Denial - Default Mode
The broader presently non-existing discussion - and it should include everybody from David Spratt to Matt Ridley - should be: Are our actions today possibly (probably - potentially?) causing catastrophic consequences for future generations? And, if so, can and should we initiate effective mitigation today? And if systemic change is necessary for mitigation is such change possible within BAU, or, if not, how do we unblock so that systemic change is possible quickly?
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Insidious Climate Change Denial: Do You Have ICCD?
Get out of denial. Escape BAU so that systemic change is possible. In one local first; then emergency action in the US, the EU or China, and then it goes global. And then our kids and their kids have a chance at a future.
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Climate Change Science: Due Diligence for Future Generations?
Have we shown due diligence and proper consideration for the welfare of future generations by doing our best to scientifically evaluate the spectrum of climate change dangers and responsible mitigation management of our emissions?
Or are we in carbon addict denial refusing to do due diligence in evaluating what look to be serious, possibly even humanity threatening dangers to future generations because we don't want to accept the need to curtail our emissions? Are we turning a blind eye to the damage we are potentially causing to our kids and grandchildren because we are afraid that quantifying the dangers will force us to confront our present socio-economy and lifestyles?

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Climate Change: Greening The Economy? Monkeywrenching Collapse?
Monkeywrenching collapse is an alternative path but impractical and possibly the catalyst to a fascist reaction. If the neocons were still in power and given the scale of climate change danger and scientific bottom line, there would be plans to depopulate Asia.
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Search, Climate Collaboratorium, Science vs Scepticism, CC Wiki
The SEARCH  programme for sea ice in which every year scientists say at the beginning of the year how much sea ice they think will be left at the end of the summer. Month by month they revise their predictions, they explain why they're revising them.
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The Olympics and Denial
Mr Olympic Promo Man Rick Cluff hosts the Early Edition and he's driving me nuts as Olympic hype and worry invades his every second sentence. Rick Cluff used to be a sports reporter and he has covered many Olympics and I'm sure has many fond memories of great Olympic parties and the Olympics needs boosters and there are many good things about sport and international competition and high-end events, but the Olympics are wrong, times have changed and the Olympics are a luxury we can no longer afford, and you will never hear why or what we should be doing instead listening to Mr. Cluff in the morning.
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Climate Change (Optimistic) Activism in 2010
Of course, we all knew the limits of what was possible and most of us didn't expect much more at COP 15 than some global exposure and learning. Of course, you and I who understand the serious dangers of climate change, especially the increasing possibility of crossing a tipping point to runaway warming, are in a very small minority and still involved in a wrap up and blame game while the 50% or so of the world's population that did tune in to the Copenhagen circus have moved on to the latest news. What do we do now?
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BC Fossil of the Decade Awards
We (BC activists who recognize that climate change is an emergency requiring urgent systemic change) are proud to announce the winners of the coveted fossil of the decade award.
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Premier Campbell, Hansen, Schellenhuber and Copenhagen
What can we do as the politicos seal a bad deal at Copenhagen? Make an example of one of them, punish one of them either at Copenhagen or after to help clear the way to the real deal we urgently need. My example is a minor Canadian premier but as   Monbiot pointed out Canuck politicos (but not our activists) are big problems at Copenhagen.
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